Money Management

This class was originally hosted by the Iowa City Area Association of REALTORS on June 3, 2021.

This class is available to ICAAR members for educational purposes only. CE Credit is not available for recorded classes.

PN Presents the next installment of the Money Management Education Series!

Budgeting Your Business on a Commission Check

“If you can’t budget $10, you won’t be able to budget $1,000,000”

It’s a good feeling when that commission check finally hits your bank account. But if you are setting yourself up for success, you can’t just deposit, spend, repeat. In this course, we’re covering all aspects of budgeting for realtors, including:

How should a Realtor break down a commission check?
How much should be set aside for taxes, retirement, investing back into your business, etc?
How to set up and manage your accounts
Whether to use a personal checking account, business account, LLC, etc
Lessons learned from the beginning stages of your real estate career to financial success later on.

Taught by Gwen Johnson, consider this your personal 101 on how to set yourself up for a profitable career.