Supporting Realtor Relief Efforts in Ukraine

Colleagues from the Romanian Association of REALTORS are volunteering and working round the clock. Many are working to get food and provide transport for fleeing refugees from Ukraine.
Romanian Association of REALTORS are assisting in refugee efforts for those fleeing Ukraine into their home country

Like many others, ICAAR has been watching the ongoing violence in Eastern Europe. We continue to keep Ukrainian citizens and their loved ones in our thoughts as they battle so bravely to defend their homes and protect their families. Their struggle for democracy, sovereignty, and freedom is a cause that, as Americans, strikes close to home for us all.

For those looking for vetted avenues to provide aid or relief, ICAAR encourages members to support The Romanian Association of REALTORS. As the only association in their country, the Romanian Association of REALTORS have been organizing rescue missions to assist refugees in escaping Ukraine into Romania. Funds donated directly to their association will assist in providing:

  • Transportation out of Ukraine
  • Temporary emergency housing
  • Hot meals, hygiene products, and clothing as needed. 

Housing is our business, and this is a desperate time that requires desperate measures to provide shelter for those who had to flee their homes. 

For those so inclined, you can donate directly to the Association Here.

For those looking for other ways to get involved, many other international aid organizations are currently mobilizing across Ukraine and in its neighboring countries. If you would like to donate to help those affected by the violence, please consider options that include the International Committee of the Red CrossUNICEF and Doctors Without Borders.